Decrease The Loading Time With W3 Total Cache

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No matter how good your site looks, no matter how much functionality it has to offer, it just won’t get your business where you expect it to be if it lacks speed. Over the years many good websites have gone out of business just because they lacked speed. Even though speed is basically dependent on the web server that is hosting your site but if you leave your site un-optimized then even the best web server in the world cannot guarantee peak performance.

For those who are using popular content management system known as WordPress, site optimization is a breeze. The availability of a wide range of plug-ins and extensions has made WordPress the most preferred content management system and blogging platform. The same attribute comes to save you when your site needs optimization. Even though there are a lot of third party plug-ins available and almost all of them claim to instantly optimize your site, still there is nothing better than W3 Total Cache.

  • What is W3 Total Cache:

To be honest it is a bit hard to believe that W3 Total Cache is a free plug-in. judging from its usability it must definitely feature amongst the premium plug-ins. But anyways since it’s free, it makes things even easier. By simply configuring the plug in, you can save up to 80 percent of the bandwidth and decrease the loading times of your WebPages by a factor 10. The plug in also features an optimization tool known as Yahoo YSlow. The tool is very much similar to the Google’s PageSpeed. The plug in can be integrated with both shared web servers as well as dedicated web servers. However, it works better in case of dedicated web servers.

  • How can cache decrease the loading time:

In order to understand the concept of web caching, think of the RAM (Random access memory) in your computer. A random access memory is not a significantly large memory; in fact it is very small as compared to other storage devices attached with your computer. The purpose of this ram is to act as a cache. When you use a computer system, some programs are loaded again and again. If the computer was to read all these programs from the hard disk every time they were needed then your computer’s performance will be seriously compromised because the speed of traditional hard drives is very slow. In order to increase the speed and decrease the access times, these programs are loaded in to the cache memory or ram. Now cache memory might be smaller in size as compared to traditional hard drives but its speed far exceeds the speed of hard drives. Hence loading the frequently used programs in the cache memory increases the performance of your computer system.

The same concept is applied in web caching. The pages of website that are most visited are cached so that every time those pages are requested, a static page can be forwarded instead of creating a dynamic page on the go.

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This article is written by Jonathan Griffin. He is a professional web master and writes regularly on w3 total cache related issues.

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Two Essential Apps For Law School Students

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Two Essential Apps For Law School Students

The days of just needing pen, paper and some books to get through law school are just about over. Going through law school without being at least a bit tech savvy will make your life as a student much harder. There are lots of apps available today that can help you with everyday tasks you will perform as a student. While no app is going make law school actually easy, some of them can help you organize your student life a bit better and make some of your coursework a bit less painful and time consuming. Below we discuss two apps that we believe could be essential for many law school students.


As a law school student you’ll probably take a lot of notes for all your different courses. During classes you’ll have to take notes, while you are working on projects for a course, and then when you are actually studying from your notes, you’ll probably take a bunch of notes again. While many people still prefer taking notes on actual paper, this can get cumbersome over time. Especially if you aren’t that organized, notes can get lost or you may have a hard time finding where exactly you wrote down that piece of crucial information that the professor shared. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider using a note taking service such as Evernote. Evernote is a very robust note taking app that’s available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, the web and other platforms. All the notes you take are synced to the cloud so you can always access and work on the last version of your notes from whichever device you access them.

Evernote allows you to group different notes in notebook and sub-notebooks, which is great for organizing your notes. You could for example create a notebook for each course and then sub notebooks for different topics that the course covers. You can add text, images, drawings, PDFs, audio and more in the notes. When Evernote syncs images to their cloud, they even perform text recognition on them so you can actually search text in photos. This can be really handy if you take a photo of a course book page for example.

There are also a number of add-on applications that sync up with Evernote such as Skitch, which allows you to mark up photos and images and save them in Evernote. Evernote has a free version, which likely offers all the functionality you need. There’s also a premium version with some extra features and more space in their cloud.


This great, free todo app is great for organizing your day. You can make different todo lists (e.g. one for each course you are taking) and quickly add todos, with or without a due date. You can also share todo lists with other students or friends, which is great for organizing collaborative projects. You can also use this to share a grocery list with your roommates so you always know what needs to be bought at the supermarket. Wunderlist is available for just about any mobile and desktop platform so you’ll be able to sync to any type of device you or your friends have.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley and Colley, LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane is glad he doesn’t have to worry about taking notes in law school.


3 Great Timekeeping IOS Apps For Lawyers

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There’s not a single lawyer who actually likes timekeeping for the different tasks they work on throughout the day. While timekeeping is of course a vital task for the law firm, it is dull and time consuming for the lawyer. Timekeeping might actually be one of the reasons lawyers leave private practice and start working for the government instead. While it’s also possible to charge in a different way than for time spent on a task, charging per hour is still the norm for law firms. That being said, with everything being made easier (or in some cases more distracting) with smartphone and tablet apps these days, timekeeping doesn’t have to be that cumbersome anymore. There is an abundance of timekeeping apps available that can help make the timekeeping aspect of your job more manageable, more accurate and less time consuming. Let’s have a look at some of the best timekeeping apps that are available today.

Timewerks Pro 2.0

Timewerks Pro was recently redesigned for IOS 7, making it integrate nicely with the new look of Apple’s latest mobile OS. Timewerks Pro is a full fledged timekeeping and invoicing app that allows you to track the time as well as expenses for the different clients you work for at any given time. You can either just put in the time you worked, or use the built-in stopwatch to record the time. Different rates can be configured for different clients so you always immediately know what needs to be charged. The app offers some other handy features, such as the ability to create work estimates and invoices as an HTML or PDF document, which include your firm’s logo if you’ve uploaded it. You can also subscribe to a premium service that lets you sync with the Timewerks website, where you can change your data, run reports and sync back to your phone. The app also allows you to input data when you are offline, which not all timekeeping apps do, and you can even accept credit card payments through the app.


This timekeeping app on its own is free, though there is an option to connect it to your firm’s billing software (they can sync with most commonly used software packages for billing), for which the pricing is variable and can get quite expensive. On its own it’s a handy little app for tracking your time. It even allows you to put in your time using Siri, though for many this is probably more of a gimmick that will never be used.

Time Master + Billing

This very popular app has the ability to have several timers for different clients open at the same time so you can quickly switch between timers if one client calls you while you are doing work for a different one. That way you won’t have to put in several different entries for the same task, just because you had to answer the phone for a different client than the one you were working for. You can add an invoicing module to the app with an in-app purchase and also the functionality to export to Quickbooks with another in-app upgrade.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Law Offices of WT Johnson, a personal injury law firm in Dallas, Texas. Zane doesn’t want any more timekeeping apps in his life


10 Free Mud Bugging Games With Trucks

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Love trucks? Love smashing them through muddy bogs in a race against time and a bid to pull off impressive / destructive stunts? Then check out this selection of awesome free mud bogging / truck games!

4×4 Monster

Simple, adrenaline filled fun – smash your way across an array of levels in a power 4×4 truck, taking just enough care to ensure you don’t damage your vehicle beyond repair. Balance and poise are just as important as speed in this game, without them you don’t stand much chance of making it to the finish.

Monster Truck 3D Reloaded

Featuring 3D graphics and a basic, intuitive control system centred on using your arrow keys, this game is another great example of the simple joys of Monster Truck racing. There’s also an abundance of engaging, detailed terrain for you to explore.

4 Wheel Madness 2.5

This revamped and improved version of the previously popular 4 Wheel Madness format sees you race opponents to the finish line, with a supplementary objective of smashing as many civilian cars as possible. Speed and destruction – what more could you possibly want?

Monster Truck Escape

This game sees you race to escape the cops in your burly truck whilst collecting bombs on the side. Again, a simple and intuitive control system utilising your arrow keys ensures a fast paced, user friendly gaming experience.

Mud Bogging

A more comprehensive Mud Bogging adventure, this game sees you select one of 27 distinct vehicles from across 3 different classes (featuring variable strengths / weaknesses) and compete in drag races against other competitors. You must balance power and torque application to get out of sticky situations, or modify your vehicle to fly over mud pits!

Offroad Legends

This game is known for its awesome graphics, a multitude of challenging terrains / levels and tons of trucks to choose from. Offroad Legends offers 3 principal game modes, real time vehicle damage / vehicle deformation and an international leader board to help to see where you stack up against the best.

4X4 Extreme Mud Bogg

Simple and intuitive fun, this game lets you race your 4×4 through the mud bog as quickly as possible without getting stuck. It is another intuitive and easy to grasp control system that is marred only by occasional bugs relating to loading the game.


Battle your way through rough, muddy terrain in a race against the clock and your rivals in another simple, user friendly truck racing game. Offroaders boasts a wealth of levels and as you would expect from a game of this genre, a simple and intuitive control system.


Following the usual format of racing your truck or vehicle through a maze of muddy obstacles, SUPER MUD MANIA adds additional dimensions of competition through facilitating drifting, jumping and other manoeuvres.

Coupled with the ability to pick up money and power ups, this can make the game a little more confusing. Nonetheless, fast paced adrenalines rush for any gamer.

Jungle Truck

Smash your truck through muddy jungle bogs and overgrown terrain in a bid to collect coins and boost your score. Jungle Truck features another simple control system allowing you to navigate using the arrow keys and change direction using the space. Somewhat cartoonish and perhaps aimed at younger players, but good fun nonetheless.

Your Turn

Have you picked out a favourite? Which games did you like best on this list and why? Are there any more out there you think deserve a place on this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Do you like this article? You can visit our site for a complete list of online games you will surely enjoy!

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Guitar Software: 10 Free Online Learning Tools for Beginners

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The guitar software is typically used to help guitarists in recording and editing musical pieces. It allows them to add accompaniment and perform tasks such as tuning.

However, developers used this technology to help aspiring guitarists in learning the ropes of how to play the guitar as well. If you need such program, then here are 10 best software available online.

10. Jamorama

Jamorama features a wide list of video tutorials for amateur guitarist which includes proper handling of the pick and the guitar, strumming, and plucking. You will also learn some basic chords such as D, A, and E from its video library. Because it’s an online tool, you can access the software through mobile devices anywhere you go.

Full subscription costs $20/month but you can have the trial version for free.

9. iPlayMusic

This software gives you access to video tutorials that are available in different angles for effective learning. You can also determine your learning speed by controlling the frame rate of videos without decreasing its sound quality. The videos go directly to guitar learning and no longer brings you to the theory of musical notes.

Download it for free online and choose the correct installer for your operating system.

8. Gitarrero Beginner

Gitarrero Beginner has a wide list of songs that you can play at 10 different levels. The tutorials focus mainly on strumming patterns from standard rhythms to groovy styles. It’s an offline application, letting you access its music libraries even without internet connection.

Both full and demo versions are available through its official website.

7. Chord Scale Generator

Chord Scale Generator is an award-winning tool for all your guitar scales and chords needs. It has all scales and chords for all string instruments like charango, violin, guitar, cello, domra, and others. You’ll also get access to all predefined string tunes to help you set up your instrument before practicing.

Download the free trial now and unlock its full features by purchasing an activation key.

6. Guitar Method

With its visual animations, Guitar Method is very fun and interactive to use. It teaches you the basic notes, allowing you to play music sheets with your acoustic guitar. It’s also filled with techniques that you can use to quickly understand multiple rhythms without confusion.

The software costs $49.90 but it comes with a free trial for evaluation.

5. Guitar and Drum Trainer

Guitar and Drum Trainer helps you listen to your favorite song without missing any instrumental details. It can slow down music files to help you identify musical techniques within the song. You can also control your learning speed by creating loops on complicated parts of the song.

You can download its trial version for free before buying the full version.

4. Guitar Magic Evolution

The software is packed with different features like dictionary of chords and more than 150 of lessons to master the guitar. It’s easy to install with real-time support from the developers. The interface is very easy to navigate, helping you learn music with ease and convenience.

You can get its trial version before buying the program’s license.

3. aGuitar Pro

aGuitar Pro is filled with tutorials for aspiring guitar and bass players. It features  easy-to-use tab viewer and chords generator. With a click on your mouse, you can listen to the tune of each displayed chord without leaving the lyrics on screen. Its free trial is always available for download online.

2. Guitar And Bass

This application features both chords builder and library to help you learn the basics of guitar playing. It will give you some challenges to put your knowledge and talent to the test. You can customize the interface to your liking, allowing you to play notes and practice chords upfront. It’s completely free to download from the internet.

1. Guitar Guru

This program features a fret board with real-time finger display. It has an interface which you can customize with guitar skins and colored dots to represent finger positions. It allows you to adjust tempo to 300% max without decreasing the pitch. You can download it online at no cost.

Did we forget the software you currently use? Share your favorite guitar software below and tell us how to get it. can get an updated for about software development.

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