Light Field Technology: A True Game Changer

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In the late 1990s, a team of scientists gathered together in a room on the campus of Stanford University and performed an experiment that, 15 years later, has the potential to change the world of photography forever.

It was at Stanford University that a team of scientists and graduate students, including, Ren Ng, developed the technology for the light field camera.

Until recently, light field cameras were too expensive and impractical for consumer use. That is, until Ng decided to bring the technology to the masses.

Ng has since gone on to create Lytro, a company that specializes in selling consumer grade versions of light field cameras.

The technology is capable of capturing up to 11 million light rays in a single shot. This means that photos that are taken can be refocused in post-production. This represents a game changing technology for any photographer who has ever had to deal with the frustration of shooting a picture that comes a split second after the action occurs because the lens had to focus. With light field technology, there is no focusing. Just point and shoot.

The technology was good enough to earn the Lytro Light Field Camera the Innovation of the Year Award for 2011 from Popular Science.

The Lytro Light Field camera will retail for $400 or $500, depending on storage size. Each image will have a “light field image” that travels with it from the camera to the computer, so that the pictures retain the ability to be edited in post-production.

In addition to consumer applications, the light field cameras could mean big news for the security industry. Imagine a security camera that catches a grainy image of a suspect from a crime scene. With light field technology, a few quick keystrokes can produce a high-resolution, highly focused image of the suspect.

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