Personal Web Hosting: Make Sure You Get The Best

March 13th, 2012 by admin | Filed under Hosting.

Finding good web hosting can be a difficult task to accomplish. The truth is that there is not a whole lot of difference between personal web hosting and business web hosting except for secure servers and credit card payments. If you set those two issues aside, they are pretty much the same. Knowing this you can then get down to business and choose the right host. To do that you are going to have to ask some questions such as:


  • From start to finish, how long before this host can have you live, meaning fully on the Internet? Two days should be the max.
  • Sometimes you might want to host other sites through your domain to bring in more traffic. Would this be possible?
  • Will my name be shown as the owner of this domain? It should be.
  • Will you be able to update the information that is on your site regularly? Will your host take care of this for you? This should be answered with a yes.
  • Will your domain offer you the ability to use web mail?
  • Do they offer customer support around the clock?
  • What kind of SEO tools do they use in addition to metatags?
  • What kind of bandwidth is offered? The answer should be a minimum of 25 GB monthly.
  • How much disk or storage space will be offered? Configure how many files you will have on your website and how big they will be. 10 GB is a good figure.
  • Do they offer any type of money back guarantees?
  • Do they have any current references that can be contacted?


It is important that when you are looking for a personal web host that you get all of the tools and resources that are possible. On the other hand, you probably have a budget that you need to stick with too. Of course, you will need unparalleled service, great quality, and state-of-the-art tools too. This is true regardless of what you plan to use your personal website for. Some people use their site for blogging and some just want to store videos and pictures on their website.


There are some free web hosting services offered but you are going to get the bare bones minimum with these. If you want any of the bells and whistles you need to use a web hosting service. This will give you a lot more options than any free site will including shared web hosting, software and hardware configurations, and more importantly, more reliable service.


This article was written by Stephanie Wagner, She is a freelance writer that writes about business and web design needs. Stephanie is not associated with but would like to commend them for their personal web hosting services. 

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