How to Do a Software Update on the Honda Navigation System

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Drivers of Honda vehicles will often opt to have the GPS navigation system installed to the dashboard when buying from the dealer.  This additional extra does cost extra, but by paying a bit more money you won’t have to use a standalone GPS device.  Instead everything will look neat, tidy, and fully integrated into your car’s entertainment system.  The newer Accord, Civic, CR-V, and CR-Z models all come with the functionality if you choose to add – but there is a hidden aspect to the Honda navigation system that the car dealer won’t necessarily tell you about… which is what the cost of Honda map updates are and how you can update the software on the product. 

If you are finding that your Honda GPS has become out of date and the directions are no longer accurate then the following guide gives you step by step instructions on how you can update the software with the latest map versions for North America. 

You Will Need to Buy a New Honda Navigation DVD 2012

Updating the Honda GPS is relatively easy but you will need to buy a new Honda Navigation DVD for 2012 if you want to do this.  It’s easy to install as you just need to insert the new software version into the disc tray which typically can be seen underneath the dashboard entertainment console.  Once you have installed the latest software you will have access to any road and highways changes that have happened since the last installation meaning all the new directions are available.  This is how you can get the new 2012 software disc. 

  1. Visit the official Navteq Honda Navigation online store where you can select your Honda model and year using the drop-down selections. 
  2. It’s now possible to select the Honda Navigation DVD to suit your car.  If you are still unsure which software version you need then please consult your owner’s manual.
  3. Click to add the product to your cart and then pay at the checkout.  Typically you will be looking at paying no more than $150 US Dollars. 
  4. Once the new DVD arrives in the post you need to eject your old version and insert the new one.
  5. The GPS display will state something like “INSTALL MAP UPDATES”.  If you click “YES” you will then be asked to input your unique customer identification number (found on the disc’s packaging).
  6. Honda map updates will take about thirty minutes to completely install – at which point you will be ready to drive again with all the latest directions at your fingertips. 

Why Should You Buy Honda Navigation System Updates?

Many people believe that the GPS maps are beamed down from satellites, but this is not the case.  They are physically stored on the device.  This means that the maps on the Honda Navigation System will never be truly up to date because every day there are new roads and highways being built somewhere in the United States. 

As every year passes, the US Department of Transport update the road networks and change the layouts and priorities of the roads… meaning it’s possible that your GPS product will never be accurate.  The new Honda Navigation DVD contains a software update that will contain any road changes that have occurred since the last software release – so you will have the latest maps possible, even if there are still not 100% accurate. 

Also Comes with Millions of POI Files

It’s not just about the roads though.  With every Honda software update that you do, it will install new Points of Interest files (or POIs).  These are location based files which let you search the Honda Navigation System for an interesting place.  So for example, if you want to find the closest golf course or restaurant to you then you can search the database and let the Honda GPS take you straight there with accurate turn by turn directions.

There are also updates to business addresses included with the new 2012 DVD as well, so if you rely on your car for business then this is an invaluable update.  

Update Your Honda Navigation System Today

If you want to update your Honda GPS now with the latest maps for North America then you can order your new disc set online today.  For more information including the pros and cons to updating plus where you can get the best prices and cheapest deals please visit the following website: Honda Navigation DVD Updates – there is also a Youtube video worth checking out too.

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