How to Buy a Domain Name

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More and more individuals are looking to purchase domains for a range of reasons (these could consist of establishing an on the internet company, starting a individual online website and so on). If you’re purchasing a domain for business purposes, then it’s particularly essential for you to choose on the correct domain name too like a reliable and inexpensive domain registrar.

Creating a brief evaluation of the Web business prior to you purchase domains can help within the procedure of selecting one of the most suitable domain name for your business. This evaluation will involve you compiling the following information: your company name, items or providers you are intending to sell, your targeted web traffic and also the kind of on the internet advertising you’re preparing to pursue. Evaluating your company and objective in this way will allow you to narrow-down about the kind of domain name that is greatest suited for you personally.

1 of the important objectives of selecting an effective domain name is for this name to help you specific internet visitors, leading to a consistent growth in potential customers and eventually and improve your on the internet sales and earnings.

An effective domain name should be brief, basic and reflect the nature of your on the internet company or at least the contents you’re planning to publish on your website. It is highly advisable to avoid initials, acronyms (unless commonly utilized acronyms), dashes or other symbols as this may confuse potential customers and make it difficult for them to remember your domaine name, especially should you want them to re-visit your site.

As soon as you’ve determined a domain name or names which are most perfect for your online objective, then you can proceed to purchase domains unless individuals particular domain names you have selected have currently been registered below other owners. Choosing a dependable domain register is the following important step you require to take in order to buy domain names of the option.

A reliable domain registrar, like, can help ensure a regular of security as well as efficient, timely and reliable customer service you may require even following you purchase your domains. Your registrar will be able to help you check on the availability with the particular domain name or names you have chosen. As soon as accessible, your registrar will need you to submit important get in touch with information like your full name, e-mail tackle, mailing address, as well as any other significant information required.

Carry a little bit of time to shop close to for a registrar which you will be comfy functioning with. Once again, a credible registrar like, for instance, will save you a lot hassle and provide you with a smooth, simple and simple procedure when you proceed to buy domain name or names for the on the internet business or individual web site.

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25 Responses to “How to Buy a Domain Name”

  1. videopimp1 says:

    Go to HostGator and get an account.
    Point your dns server to hostgator’s servers.
    Wait 24-72 hours.
    Login and use the fantastico panel to install wordpress.

  2. jeepslayer says:

    The mobile internet

  3. tjtruckin208 says:

    buy michaelphelps(.)com on EBAY

  4. aroosh203292 says:


  5. eufumezwinston says:

    MelaMan, I would honestly respect you more if you were sucking cock and tossing salads for a living. Get a real job you fucking prick. On the other hand, it’s not your fault, you’re just another ass monkey trying to make a quick buck. We need a organization to administrate this sort of thing, a company/person should be limited to 5 domains or something.

  6. FreshOffTh3Boat says:

    i registerd a domain name how do i make my blog now this is so confusing. help please

  7. MelaMan says:

    AJenbo – ur a dumbass! That’s how some of us make our living! If you want a domain name, use yer head and think of a name before someone else does! Simple really! Wanna buy a domain name? I have 17 two word domain names for grabs!

  8. GenericGene says:

    GenericGene Domain Bar Optimization Strategies Name & Numbers techniques are an easy way to enhance site traffic and ad value to a site -

  9. OliveTheCatShow says:

    yahoo selling domains for $1.99 right now and quite often… I have my name in domain lights: stephybharmon[dot]com :-)

  10. LearnItOnline says:

    Do you think we’ll ever have a domain name stucture that’s in leaves like a Yellow Pages?


    And, what would we do with the domains we have now if it changed?

  11. GenericGene says:

    The interesting thing about dot com is the brouser bar, off all domain extensions dot com over-rides all other domain names in domain bar placement.

  12. genercgene says:

    Good one Chris – I bought my first domain in 1996 – have things moved along -

  13. AJenbo says:

    I think regonal names might be over kill, no one would be able to remember any of them and it would make the web less international i thnk.

  14. AJenbo says:

    I HATE PEAPOLE THAT REGISTRE DOMAIN IN HOPES OF SELLING THEM, it realy realy sucks to send up at a site with flashing bulbs telling you can buy it and preventing your browser from looking up the proper adress for witch you where looking, or to find that the domain that you wanted was taken buy some ass witch only intention with it is to force money out of otheres.

  15. chadt4 says:

    lol internet years

  16. kiddsock says:

    At that time Yahoo was a “Springboard” And you probably used Mosaic.

  17. KeroroGunsouTX says:

    I HATE domain squatters. They’re just adding to the amount of garbage on the Interent and force people who have a REAL use for a domain to pay over-priced fees. :-[

    I think they should create regional TLDs (perhaps by state or even by major metropolitan area) that require domain holders to actually have a business, organization, or live inside that city or state.

  18. LeeVal says:

    haha same here

  19. acehydro06 says:

    great video chris!! Thanks for all the info you rock man!

  20. lifeg0eson666 says:

    Ha, I’m not that old [15], but I have five domains. Neoblob[dot]com, Hyper-text[dot]net, Chyea[dot]net, Mildrum[dot]net and Cs-blog[dot]net. I’m a fan of dot net :P

  21. SLT23C says:

    I only have 2 domains one is a net and the other is a conr

  22. francis150 says:

    .tk is free, but the website that provides that puts a banner at the top of all your websites.

  23. djsteen says:

    I have 35 domains. All with GoDaddy.
    One is expiring soon and I’m not re-registering it because it’s stupidly long (for a competition last year).

  24. I63G says:

    I learned about the other white house in school. That was a bad experience.

  25. [...] and providing a user friendly experience. One of the leading providers in the marketplace is Namecheap and in this article we will look at what you can expect if you decide to use them for your domain [...]

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