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Are Domain Registration Companies Steal Your Domain Name?

May 18th, 2009 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Domain Name

I think that some domain registration companies are stealing good domain name ideas that people checking but do not purchase.

Although it has never affected me but I would like to bring it up because I was telling my friend not to look on any domain name until he has decided to register. My friend asked me why?

I explain to him that I think some domain registration companies having someone dedicated to scooping up good domain name ideas that many people look up but did not buy. The expenses is cheap as it would only cost like $10 an hour to hire someone to sit in front of a computer and screen through the domain names which could potentially be worth thousands or even millions.

Perhaps the good domain names get put on a list to be registered in a few days if they have not already been? Even if they only get a small percentage of them I am always paranoid about it. However I am always high and paranoid or maybe this is common knowledge and my worries were right all along?

I ever heard that in the market, Network solution and DomainTools were known to do this. If you queried any unregistered domains it would automatically register the domain if it was unregistered. Not sure if they do this anymore but I’m almost positive it still goes on. Accredited registrars have something where they can register a domain for like 72 hours and drop them if they aren’t getting traffic or inquires on them for pennies on the domain.

My friend told me that actually this has been discussed at length on some of the domain forums and the consensus was that yes, many of the domain registrars do (or at least did) grab your searches if you do not register them. Quite upset basically. So I have stayed away from doing searches from those registrars. Godaddy has been pretty good for searching but I haven’t had any swiped there.

The other friend told me that it did happened to him earlier this year. He got his domain name steal away by Thus what he advice is better stay away from as they are a partner.

Until now, we know that there is an entire industry of companies that snap up unregistered domains in bulk that unsuspecting users submit to sites like to see if they’re available.

Perhaps in the past if you are using “chuck’s domain depot .com” or something where that is the purpose of the site but there are so many queries now that it does not make any sense to. They make enough money off of holding on to expired domains that they do not need to focus on random searches.

On that note, you might noticed that 1and1 will re-register some of your domains (in their own name) that you have through them if you turn the auto-renew off just before it expires. Then they just park these domain names with Sedo. This may be a glitch because a lot of the domain names that you let expire isn’t going to be bought by anyone else.

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Off Shore Web Hosting Recommendations

May 6th, 2009 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Hosting

What’s off shore web hosting? Away coast web hosting is mean some hosting businesses situated their hosting server in some much less legislation nations, to make sure that you’ll have much more freedom to set up much more point in your hosting. Most grownup web website are utilizing the off shore web hosting to hosting their contents.

Therefore, have you been searching for off shore web hosting businesses that capable to conserve you on price with great overall performance ratio? Do you require to maintain expenses down to say as reduced as $5 per month?

Beneath are some suggested off shore web hosting which you can source for.

You might go for, but bear in thoughts which you may not get an superb assistance team if that’s your cost.

One more 1 is that is in Netherlands. They’ve one GBPS connection and they provide you with limitless room and bandwidth for just $3.99, you also get free of charge domains with couple of plans.

Some individuals comment on is the fact that should you purchase the regular package, the server is quick, but should you purchase a large reseller or some thing it is going to be ridiculously sluggish. their assistance is quick although. About the upside, they won’t cancel your account for spam complaints.

Other off shore web hosting is hostingpanama. The price hostingpanama is quite decent and you are able to do what ever stuff you would like without having any hassles. Nevertheless, the construct time is really a small sluggish and assistance is lacking but cost is correct.

Some review mentioned that are greatest. some users got 2 VPs from them. They’ve servers from Netherlands and Germany too.

One more off shore web hosting is , individuals are satisfied with servers by thinking about price. If you’re in IM or on the internet company, attempting too difficult to conserve on this important support, will be like undermining your company by risking the high quality and reliability from the really support that maintain your virtual real estate humming.

There’s 1 guy research close to the net and discovered is 1 from the greatest off shore web hosting that he managed to get.

Anyway, individuals off shore web hosting that allowed warez, grownup hosting and also the likes, by providing reduced costs for such hosting, then you definitely ought to anticipate sub-standard providers and assistance. Based on what your expectation, requirements and one’s spending budget, it’s an essential support driving your virtual real estates. Everybody includes a option, each and every option has its consequences.

So Select Wisely.

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