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Top 10 Web Hosts 2010

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by craigCloutier

With so many web hosts it is difficult to choose which is the right one for you. I have compiled the Top 10 web hosts of 2010.

All of the hosts listed have been carefully reviewed by the following: downtime percentages, disk space allowed, bandwidth allowance, number of domains and the amount of databases allowed.


And the winner is…BlueHost. BlueHost is a great web host, providing excellent server technology, resulting in minimal downtime. They are the perfect hosting company for WordPress blogs and any type of PHP content management system. BlueHost offer 300GB of disk space, 3,000 GB of bandwidth, unlimited domains, the latest version of cPanel and the most complete version of Fantastico, to allow for easy installation of scripts such as WordPress, Drupal and others.

Runners up

2nd HostGator – another excellent hosting company, offering fantastic disk space, bandwidth and unlimited domains, making them the perfect hosting company for multisite setups.

3rd Hostmonster – offering great value hosting with their generous allowances and cheap prices.

4th FastNext – massive disk space and bandwidth allowances make FastNext the best reseller hosting package.

5th Lunarpages – a great all round package from a professional team.

6th StartLogic – Great value hosting from .95 per month.

7th Dot5Hosting – One of the cheapest hosting places in my top ten, from just .95 per month.

8th 1&1 – Another great value host, from .99 per month you can benefit from this great hosting package.

9th PowWeb – Great disk space and bandwith allowances at a very good price.

10th IXWebHosting – The cheapest package here, the Expert plan is just .95 per month.

Whichever hosting plan you choose you can rest assured that your blog or website will be running smoothly and quickly with these hosts. All of these web hosts offer great support and value for money.

For more details about these hosts see my best PHP hosts award 2010. I have been creating websites with PHP for nearly 10 years and recommend all of these hosting companies.

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Six Important Parameters of a Good Expired Domain Name

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expired domain
by DoubleM2

Six Important Parameters of a Good Expired Domain Name

At time, expired domain trading business is a business concept that is riddled with uncertainties and confusions. While some of them may fetch millions of dollars to their owners, others may yield next to nothing. Expired domain trading could also be a make or break business for someone who is careless and hasty; more often, people who take calculated risks tend to succeed in the business when compared to others who are reckless and unskilled. Choosing a good expired domain name is the important key to your entrepreneurial success. On other hand, mastering the techniques of choosing an excellent expired domain name is a mandatory necessity to achieve success in the business.

If you are currently in this business and looking to succeed, then you will just have to read, understand and master the following rules and conditions so as to empower yourself towards the path of success. There are a number of ways to buy an expired domain but with careful planning and well calibrated strategy, you can easily gain immensely with a number of premium domains. Here are some of these key issues and parameters highlighted for your consideration:

Keyword volume: Every successful domains expiring will have its bearing on a niche keyword and keyword research is one of the most important step for finding a good domain expiring soon. Popular and niche keywords get lot of traffic and inbound links which are necessary for the success of your expired domains trading business. Before buying a particular expired domain, ensure that you are conducting a detailed keyword research on popular and well-known sites like Google Adwords and WordTracker. You can use a good keyword search tool to narrow down on those expired domains that provide lot of gains.

Common Factors: If you observe all those famous domain names carefully, you will understand that all of them have one thing in common- they are always very easy to remember and easy to recall. Just consider famous web portals like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Half, eBay, Diamonds, Flowers and Cars. These names are very easy to remember and you can easily type them on the address bar of your web browser.

Organic Type-in Traffic: Expired domain gains will become a big reality when you choose and buy domains that come with pre-packed type-in traffic. Almost all newbie expired domain traders tend to rush out to buy an expired domain that id devoid of any meaningful traffic.

Length of the expired domain: Short domains expiring are the most obvious choice for you business because of their simple nature. Short expired domains are known to yield better traffic and links when compared to domains that are longer and complex.

Previous commercial history: As far as possible, try to buy domains expiring that were commercial in nature; e commerce and selling portals are easy to flip and convert into viable new web portals because of their perceived traffic and inbound links.

Development potential: Let the domain names-expiring you are planning to buy be flexible enough for future development and flipping. Flipping is an art of converting good expired domains into a viable and paying web portal.

Turning your expired domains into potential money spinning tools is an advanced art possible only when you learn the basics of expired domains.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is the owner of the path breaking web site called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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Online Security with a Proxy Server

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by joefriend

One of the greatest difficulties from the web these days is protection. Viruses, spyware, spam, trojan horses, malware, adware and obviously hacking would be the primary difficulties. The biggest component of all web users are unaware of most of those points and will in no way know their passwords and charge card information may turn out to be visible for other people.

Absolutely nothing can provide you with 100% protection, but applying several simple points will enhance on the internet protection significantly. Right here are some points everybody ought to do:

Set up a trojan scanner and firewall

A great trojan scanner and firewall are an obligation nowadays. Don’t believe in the firewall of one’s ISP, modem and particularly not Microsoft’s firewall. Trojan scanners are in no way currently set up over a modem or some thing, which means you need to set up 1 your self. You will find numerous trojan scanners and firewalls obtainable, but the very best kinds are McAfee, Norton, AVG and ZoneAlarm. The last two possess a excellent benefit more than the very first two simply because they’re completely free of charge. I suggest utilizing AVG’s trojan scanner and ZoneAlarm’s firewall.

Use a proxy

A proxy server is really a server that’s meant to hide someone’s IP. Your IP (Web Protocol) is really a quantity that’s distinctive for each and every pc and it’s static which means you can’t alter it whenever you messed points up. If a hacker finds out your IP he or she can get all of your information if you’re unlucky. This signifies that it’s really essential to hide this quantity. A proxy functions like this: usually whenever you click on over a link or perhaps a button, the browser sends the information towards the web server. Having a proxy the information will probably be sent towards the proxy server very first, after which towards the web server. When the web server retrieves your IP, it’ll retrieve the IP from the proxy server, not yours. This also functions in the web server for your pc. A counterpart of those proxies is the fact that the proprietor from the proxy server can see all information (such as passwords and charge card information for instance), so set up a proxy of somebody you believe in.

How you can create a Proxy

It’s simple to create a proxy, but adhere to the subsequent actions really precise, simply because a small fault can resolve into an unsafe proxy, or an error.

Action 1: discovering a great, anonymous proxy

The very first point you have to do would be to discover a great proxy. You will find free of charge and compensated proxies scattered all more than the net. Compensated proxies are much better most from the time (much more anonymity), but you will find great free of charge kinds also. Research for the very best and most anonymous proxy that is available. To assist you a small, right here is really a record of free of charge proxies. This record is updated each and every day. Transparent proxies are unsafe, do not use them. The very best proxies would be the kinds with higher anonymity. Select 1 that you simply like.

Action two: set up the proxy

Following you discovered your proxy, write the IP and also the port from the proxy over a piece of paper. The procedure of installing a proxy varies from browser to browser, so I will explain the installation procedure for Web Explorer only. Following you’ve opened Web Explorer, go to Web Choices after which click on about the Connections tab. Choose the LAN Configurations button should you possess a LAN or DSL connection, or should you possess a dial-up connection, select your connection and click on the Configurations button. From there, allow use a proxy server and kind the proxy IP and port within the address and port fields. Click on OK twice and you are carried out.

Action 3: monitor the proxy

This action is frequently forgotten by lots of individuals. Proxies, particularly free of charge kinds, often disappear, quit functioning or turn out to be transparent. Obviously you do not want this to occur, so verify your proxy each and every now after which (I suggest to verify a minimum of each and every month) to become certain you’ll remain anonymous.

The author may be the proprietor from the : Anonymous Proxy Site

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