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How to Choose a Good Domain Name

July 21st, 2009 by admin | 25 Comments | Filed in Domain Name

All the good domain names are taken already. Have you ever had a great domain name idea, and go to buy it – but it’s already taken? Someone is squatting on it, and wants a ton of money to get off!

How creative are you? Do you know how to come up with a domain name that is NOT taken?

How you can select a great domain name – Now, that is a large subject, but right here are some ideas:

- So as of precedence: .com,,.internet. If feasible, get all 3.

- An aged area is much better than a brand new 1, as Google ranks older domains greater. You are able to purchase an aged area from a number of websites on the web. But do not be concerned, a fresh 1 is good as well, it’ll just consider a small lengthier to rank.

- To rank greater, it’s much better to possess a key phrase or two within the area itself.

- Much better not to possess hyphens, but that is not a display stopper. So for eg, if ‘bluecars’ is taken, ‘blue-cars’ is good. But do not use much more than 2 hyphens, otherwise it may appear like a spam kind website.

- Lengthy domains are okay – but do not go past 4-5 phrases max.

Forwarding a area to an additional website: Be extremely cautious about forwarding domain names to an additional area (your primary website)!!! If Google finds out that is what’s occurring you run the danger of all domains in query becoming sandboxed or penalised. That is a long-term danger which only you are able to determine. Some individuals do that, some individuals consider a much more conservative view. Should you do determine to redirect, ensure it’s carried out utilizing a 302 everlasting redirect, not 301 short-term.

The option is to possess one-page websites for the domains that aren’t your main website. This could be carried out effortlessly utilizing eg (need to set up software program) or (extremely fast and simple – drag and drop) exactly where you are able to rapidly produce a totally free web site. These web sites will require to be optimised and so you’ll require a refreshing set of key phrases for every website. On these websites, you’d have hyperlinks for your primary website, eg ‘For much more info click on right here.’

The benefit of getting a number of websites is that you simply (and no 1 else) owns individuals domains, particularly if you’ve discovered some great ones, and if you’ve keyword-rich domains, they are able to rank much more effortlessly for individuals terms. They also supply hyperlinks into your primary website that are great for the primary site’s rankings.

Getting stated that focusing on 1 primary website is okay as well, because the much more you’ve the much more operate is concerned, it depends upon what you would like and it might be greatest to stay focused.

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